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The Savory Pantry

Half Grapefruit
Stewed Prunes
Bananas & Blueberries
Fresh Orange Juice (squeezed daily)
Tomato Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Prune Juice
Cranberry Juice
Apple Juice

Cream of Wheat
Dry Cereals (Served with Cream and Milk)
Bananas, Blueberries or Raisins Also Available

Delicious French Toast
Rye Toast & Jelly
White Toast & Jelly
Whole Wheat Toast & Jelly
Raisin Toast & Jelly
English Muffin & Jelly
(Toast Will Be Served Buttered Unless Ordered Dry)

Coffee - Regular or Decaf
Tea - Hot or Iced
Chocolate Milk
Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper

Buttermilk Pancakes
Buckwheat Pancakes
Buckwheat Pancakes w/ Blueberries Blueberry Pancakes
Apple Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

Ham Steak (full center cut)
Ham, Small (center cut)

(All Egg Orders Served with Toast and Jelly)
Ham Steak & 1 Egg (full center cut)
Ham Steak & 2 Eggs
Small Ham & 1 Egg
Small Ham & 2 Eggs
1 Egg, Toast & Jelly
2 Eggs, Toast & Jelly
Scrambled Eggs & Onions
1 Egg & Sausage
1 Egg & Bacon
2 Eggs & Sausage
2 Eggs & Bacon

(Sauteed Onions or Extra Cheese Available)
Bacon Omelet
Sausage Omelet
Cheese Omelet
Ham Omelet
Ham & Cheese Omelet
(All Omelet Orders Served with Toast and Jelly)

Our Ham, Sausage, Apple Butter and Coffee are available to enjoy at home!
Visit the Savory Pantry for more information... It's right next door!